The ME Page

This is me as DJ Jonny Kay, mixing the tunes at my friend Dan's B-day Party back in 1999.

Information as of June 27, 2004:
Hi, my name is Jon Knoll, living in Abbotsford, BC. I graduated  in 2003 from UVic with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics (yay). Currently I'm working in Vancouver at a little High Tech company: IVT Research. We build passenger counting systems for busses. So I do a lot of the electronics side of things. Its a lot of fun.

My hobbies include hiking, computers and electronic design in both hardware and software. I play guitar, drums, shakers, triangle, tamborine and whatever else is around. When I'm not doing any of the above, I'm usually hanging out with friends or attending my church's College and Career group at Central Heights Church.

I am a Christian. A follower of Jesus Christ. My official denomination is Mennonite Brothren. Someday I will have a page that talks more about this. But if you want to know more, email me: jon at jonknoll dot com (I have to write it that way to keep the spammers from picking it up).


My favorite Pet is the cat. In fact my whole family loves cats. And so I have an online picture book our our cats. (For all you cat haters, this is not for you).

My favorite web site is sort of. It's there but the music isn't the original music.

I have two sisters, Chrissy and Angie.

I have many dear friends.  I have made many more since this picture was taken. Go visit my online album or Peter's photo album  if you want to see more of my friends.


I am also a bit of an inventor.  This is my best invention so far. Too bad I'm not Jewish...


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