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Last Updated: April 30, 2006

Electronics is not only my area of study, it is also my hobby. I like small, managable projects that I can see from start to finish (laying out the specifications, designing the hardware, programming the software/firmware and constructing the housing). I like to design the hardware and then write the software for the microcontroller. I get a lot of ideas and help from my favorite electronics website:

The following are some of my projects.
Click on the pictures to get a more detailed description.

Current Projects:
  • Learning more about web design and CMSs such as Joomla! (not implemented on this page :-)
  • Getting comfortable with Linux and Linux administration.
  • When I've got a minute, I'm working on teaching myself Java. Picture Viewer - Originally based on my friend's picture viewer, it has been completely rewritten. Using my skills in PHP, HTML, XML and CSS, this viewer is different because it creates all pages based on the directory strudture that the pictures are stored in. It also supports titles and can be expanded to store other information for each picture. The back end has image rotation and resizing.

Sub-Woofer Amplifier - 68W Single channel audio amplifier. Includes a power indicator LED, volume control, butterworth 2nd order, adjustable low pass filter (30-250Hz cutoff), filter bypass switch and detection circuit with LED.
Metric Clock - Displays digital time in: 12-Hour, 24-Hour, Metric (10 hrs/day, 100 min/hr, 100 sec/min), Hex (16 hrs/day, 16 min/hr, 256 sec/min displayed in hex), and Circle (2pi radians makes 1 day).
Security Keypad for Garage Door Opener - Up to 32 number programable security code.
Singing Doorbell - Select from 16 different tunes.
Phone-In-Use Indicator - LED lights up when the phone is in use, flashes when ringing.
DC Dual Power Supply - Dual 0-30V DC Supplies (Bridgable). Also has +5V and +12V taps.
120V Test Box - Provides various levels of safety and convenience for testing at 120V.
7-Segment Display Tool - Six 7-Segment displays, multiplexed, for quick prototyping.
RS-232 Quick Connect Board - Uses the MAX232 or compatable IC in standard configuration to convert TTL/CMOS to RS-232 Levels and Vice Versa. Handy for quick prototyping.
Future Project Ideas:
  • Electronic Metronome - it takes in a beat, tapped by a finger and keeps that tempo and displays the beats per minute. Accurate to 1/4 millisecond.
  • Electronic Drum Set - uses piezo speaker plates as drum sensors and converts the drum signals to midi.